Happy Birthday, Simply Dog Walk!

It’s been a year today, when I visited this cute Puppy, which started it all. Murphy!

I was scheduled to visit Murphy for a puppy pampering from the dogwalking company Buckydog. Through a friends referral, I was able to join there Team, while my own flyers “Simply Dog Walk” received attention simultaneously.

My very first dog with Simply Dog Walk was scheduled days earlier, but happened just a few days later, with the not so friendly Chihuahua- Lucy. I did not walk her long enough to fully gain her trust, but we managed to get along for about a week until the owner was back on her feet.


Since than, Simply Dog Walk has come a long way. A lot of appreciation goes to Buckydog, who scheduled me with many different breeds and I could quickly gain more experience.

A big “Thank you” to my Family, who has been supportive throughout the journey and has helped me a ton. Mats went on dog walks with me before he entered Kindergarten last month and he’s been the cutest to have around! My husband Evan took dogs out for walks as well, together with our own Great Pyrenees/Golden Mix, Noah.


House sittings and boardings are always a Family affair, everyone starts being involved, snuggles, walks, takes care off, watches, plays, appreciates and loves all the different little characters.


The reason I am writing this post is to reach out to YOU, the dog owner who put your trust in me/us!


I am beyond grateful to have met so many amazing dogs throughout the year and their owners/Family members. What started out with walks, developed into being asked to take care of your loved ones for an extended period of time, while you are traveling. That especially makes me/us happy! Often enough we are having a hard time saying good-bye to those cute little faces.

Until “next time’ and to many more happy Dogs!


the “Simply Dog Walk” Team.



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