Covid 19

In these difficult times, we are all trying to do the best we can. A dog might not understand, why his people all of a sudden stay at home. Oh, don’t get me wrong, our furry friends LOVE it, but they might be a bit confused as well. They sense the tensions. It’s not like “the weekend”, where they are being taken out on walks, a hike, the beach, social interaction. It’s all different. Lot’s of computer or phone conversations. While pooch just wants to snuggle or best, get out of the house and let that energy out.

I am beyond thankful, that some of my clients decided to keep some of the normality and even though they are at home, I can still walk my favorites. To ensure everyones safety, we did set up a different system. To be able to keep our distance, I txt the owner when I arrive and they send out the dog, or let him/her back in. Luckily we created a bond to make this possible. I provide my own leashes, wear a mask and have a jug of water, soap, sanitizer in the car. I usually either walk in the hills where rarely people are to be seen, or stop at a small, hidden dog park, if nobody is around. Since my son is not going to school, I take him along a few times a week, he helps me wear out those energy balls. Some videos you can find on my Instagram account or Facebook page “Simply Dog Walk”.

Fingers crossed that it can stay this way until life gets back on track and hopefully all dogs will be back with me soon. Until than, take good care of yourselves!


Tanja from Simply Dog Walk ❤


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