As long as I can remember, there was always a dog in our house. We had a puppy, a stray and sometimes a lost soul we saved from a shelter who needed lots of patience and love. They became family members and our best friends. Knowing that first hand, I will take good care of your Pup.

I grew up in Germany and have spent the other half of my life in the US, and I love Southern Marin! I have been walking and boarding dogs for years. 


We have done house sittings at different locations and find that all the little personalities are a joy. It is very rewarding to gain the trust of an animal. I have found my passion and am improving my knowledge whenever I can. I have recently been able to observe a dog trainer over a period of months and learned a lot.

Let me know what your dog likes – I can come and walk, play, feed and give lots of cuddles. I have a great car with a dog safety barrier. We are insured and bonded.

Don’t want to put your dog into a kennel? We host a maximum of two dogs. We can also petsit at your house. Since we have an 8yr old and take your pup along on regular dog walks with the other pack members, we can only host kid and dog-friendly fellows. 

Best, Tanja and family


What Clients Say:

I want to thank you for looking after Kira in the three months I was away. When I returned I could immediately see how healthy and happy Kira was. She had clearly been well looked after and received plenty of exercise and love. It was great to receive the photos you sent — she always looked to be having loads of fun. The people back home told me you were punctual every time and they loved having you collect Kira and bring her home when the walk was over.

We enjoy your service so much (especially Kira) that we intend to keep it up as much as possible even while we’re home! Yours in paws,  Monica, and Kira the 11-year-old Golden Retriever.

Tanja is amazing. Can’t wait to use her again. My dog Oliver was happy and exhausted after a weekend of fun with tanja and fam. Thank you for taking such good care of him!!!!