What I love about Dog walking/ Pet sitting

The four legged friends are reason number one, of course. I have now met some very special dogs and also cats. Strong relationships have been built with the dogs I walk on a regular basis. I really care for them as they were my own and act quite protective sometimes. It feels even deeper, once they stayed overnight at our home. That creates a bond on a whole different level. Not only for me but also for our son and my husband, who are also caring for and playing with them. Noah, our 11yr old Golden Mix got used to it, that here and there a dog is walking in, sniffs and drinks out of his water bowl. He does not mind.

I could not imagine to be working in an office again. At least not at this time. I always liked to be active and most of the time it is nice to be outdoors. When it is pouring rain and freezing, the gear is all that matters. Sausalito and beyond is a beautiful area. I start greeting people who I run into over and over, who are out with there own dogs. It’s a nice feeling and my family is so supportive too.


It’s the best to be welcomed from excited dogs, who are happy to see you and are eager to get out. And being able to have our son with me at times.


Important for me is, that I don’t have to rush from one appointment to the next. Yeah, I could and I had been doing just that for a while to be able to pay bills. And sometimes it still happens. But I quickly figured out, that so much driving, lots of times not convenient at all, made it stressful. Your mind gets so busy thinking about that schedule and at times you have just 10 minutes to get to the next place.

That’s why I limited my walks to Sausalito only, this way I can team up dogs who seem to be a good fit, they can socialize and have even more fun. And my mind is not so stressed, which reflects onto them as well. I rather walk than drive!

Thank you Coco, Harriette, Romy, Bonnie, Luna, Murphy, Cooper, Alfie, Milo, Joe, Walter, Elliott, Caramel, Sanka and of course Noah as well as others, for being part of the pack!

Bonnie, Romy, Coco, Harriette, left to rightIMG_8020


Luna and Romy


Murphy and Noah


Alfie and Cooper (and Mats)IMG_5644





Walter and Noah


Caramel & Elliott