Harriette with the prettiest eye-lashes

Harriette’s owner found my flyer in a little supermarket in Sausalito. She left a voice message which was delivered to me, who knows why, four days later together with some other messages. A little embarrassed for the late reply I contacted her, but she was totally cool about it. The next day I went for a meet and greet and was amazed about the energetic little pup. She has really pretty white fur with darker spots and just the prettiest long eye-lashes. Harriette had just turned a year.


She was a hungry little one, on my first walks she just tried to eat whatever she could get a hold off and I was just hoping, that I could get everything out of her mouth in time. Other than that, she is an absolute breeze and a tough cookie, who is not really afraid of anything. The size of other dogs is not intimidating, she is up for a play whenever she gets the chance.

Harriette and I are lucky when it comes to rain, we are usually the ones getting caught by the biggest down poor’s. The first time that happened, she just looked at me and refused to set another step. I realized, she never had seen or forgotten about the rain. It was funny how she first did not enjoy, but all of a sudden when she was soaked, she did not care anymore, chased the little rivers who ran down the street and tried to jump into the puddles.

I am really happy to be Harriette’s dog walker and to have her in my Team. She is only a 5 minute walk away from where we live, can be easily walked with other dogs and loves playing fetch.


Harriette, you are a little princess who is not afraid to get dirty. We like you a lot! 🙂

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