Walter, the English Bulldog puppy

December was a busy month for the whole Family. We agreed to take care of Walter, an english Bulldog puppy. I was glad, I had the help of my husband and Mats. I could rely on them fully to help hang with Walter, walk/feed/play with him, keep each other company and even clean his folds once a week. Pet-sitting is an all Family job. Thank you guys again!



We stayed in Walter’s Family’s home for almost a month. The first week, we all got used to each other. Walter was not nurtured yet and after a walk with our male dog Noah, we entered Walter’s house together. They got along good on the walk, inside the house our 10yr old just wanted to rest, but Walter wanted to have a little more action. To have some quietness, we found a room for Noah to sleep without interruption.

The Bulldog is a funny guy. At the beginning he surprised me a few times staring at me with this serious face and than making these funny high pitched noises, before he suddenly charged at me. All play, but man, a few times my heart dropped because I just didn’t know him that well yet. He just loved to go on walks and was the loudest snorer. We spend his first Christmas together and when Mats was unwrapping a present, he would try stealing the wrapping paper. And he barked like crazy at all those weird presents who suddenly appeared under the Christmas tree.


He managed to knock over Mats in excitement and felt really bad afterwards. I am not sure if he felt all that sorry about chewing up my favorite boots and also my husbands working shoes. Both of them when we had left him alone for only an hour.


But hey, that’s what puppy’s do, right?

Walter, we know you will continue to make your family very happy and well maybe, we will see you again on their next vacation.  🙂




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