COCO! Oh, Coco. Biggest sweetheart.

Happy holidays to everyone!

The day after we had attached the car stickers, I was walking Romeo for the first time together with Mats, when the phone rang. The person on the phone mentioned my car behind the buildings and I immediately responded: “Oh, I was told I could park there.” But, no, I wasn’t in trouble. Donna saw the Simply dog walk advertisement and was curious if I could walk her dog. She was suffering from a knee injury and had just moved to Sausalito. And that is when our story started.


Meanwhile we have come a long way, at least, it seems that way. We have gone through a crazy time, when thick toxic wildfire smoke was hanging over Sausalito and us running around with masks. Well, the dogs still had to be walked, but Coco’s owner Donna was one of the few who thoughtfully had the health of her little one as well as us on her mind and made us do short ones only. Thank you, Donna!

But let me tell you a bit about Coco. Most of the time she is the first and last dog I walk. She is sweet and very submissive. But she can be stubborn too and she loves her Momma more than anything! And that is how our first minutes go down. Donna, the owner is usually home, when I pick her up and that is where Coco would like to stay too. I totally get it. She loves the walks, but she just doesn’t want to be away from Donna. Treats are not helping to move her forward. I try to tell her, that she needs her exercise and that I promise, I’ll bring her back. Not so sure, if she quite understands me, it takes quite a bit of patience. It is funny, it’s usually happening every single time. Like I said, she is a little stubborn.

Sometimes on our stroll, I drift away in thoughts and enjoy the beauty of Sausalito

when a sudden pull on the leash gets me back to reality. I get this look and four paws 🐾 are in the ground.

It helps though, if I bring another dog along. She is actually loving it, even though I think the first times she was not sure at all, if she would. So, I first brought Noah, our dog.

It went really well and they got into the groove. Always great to have a success story, when two dogs meet for the first time.

And than I took her with Romy, two totally different dogs, one hyper and full of energy and than shy, sweet Coco. They are best friends now, Romeo happens to live in the same apartment complex and every time I pick up Coco, her first move is towards his door. Often I have to disappoint her.

They both love the beach and I try to take them down there on low tide.


Coco was also there, when I walked 3 dogs for the first time. She is the one with the calming energy and that helps a lot. That was a great walk.


Lately I have been walking her a lot with 6 months old Boston Terrier puppy Bonnie. They both rather be home and start running much faster, when they think they are heading back to there house.

I am looking forward to many more walks and adventures with Coco and fun talks with her owner Donna. Glad you two came into my life and I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Well, I see you later… :–D