It’s picking up quickly!

The following weeks things got busy. I was walking Lucy my Nr. 1 dog twice a day and Buckydog ,the dog walking company I am also walking for, set me up with lots of different opportunities. I was able to create stronger connections with the puppy Murphy and take my son along.

We also got to hang with easy going french bulldog Joe a lot and like him more and more.

We had Duffy, an energetic, super friendly red Lab, who does not like walking up hills. I was glad I got the hint from Buckydog, since they live on a big hill and it would not have been much fun to get surprised by Duffy refusing to walk it up at the end. We drove her down in my car and walked around downtown Mill Valley and checked out a nice park together.

There was our neighbor dog Sanka, which I have known since she is a puppy. She is dominant and sometimes I walk her with our dominant dog Noah. They get along great and have a little contest going every time to whom is the last to pee on the other dogs pee. LOL!


That week we were also helping our friends out and watched cute Chihuahua Bubba. He snuck into bed every night. A bit unusual for us, but he is a calm sleeper.

We were in for a treat at there place and enjoyed lots of hot tub time.

Olli in Tiburon was a last minute add and he is a very strong guy. I was assured once again, that he is very kid friendly, before driving to the house. With a harness he was manageable, we were all tired at the end of the last walk of the day.

I met puppy Baloo, very energetic and smart dog. I had already talked about him a little bit on facebook and instagram, see post below.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 3.44.55 PM

Have a happy week!

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