Joe and Luna

Joe and Luna were the first two dogs I walked together. I went to Joe’s house first and met the little french bulldog. I had not met one before and my ears mistakenly caught a snort for a growl. He was so small, that of course he wasn’t able to jump into the car. Since I had just met him, I was hesitant to pick him up. All went well and when I got to know him a bit better later on, I realized that there was nothing to worry about, he is a funny and super friendly guy.

I also met Luna for the first time that day. It was hot and I realized that people living on hills must like to hire dog walkers! We went up and down, trying to get to a park. Luna is very energetic and Joe had a hard time keeping up with his short legs. He did a good job and Luna was also tired at the end of the walk. It was fun, walking those two friendly ones together.

I was walking Luna the next day again and Mats came along in a stroller. And that’s when I really started liking the hills. 🙂

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