Puppy love!

How cute he was! The second dog  I walked and gave a “Puppy pampering” was Murphy. It was the first time I went to a house with directions on where to find the dog and what to do. It felt a bit weird to walk into a strangers house. I took my shoes off and walked around on tip toes, a bit nervous and trying to remember how I found everything and being respectful not to leave any traces. Silly, since they booked the service.

It was a great experience, taking that little guy for a walk, giving him some food and playing around with him throwing toys and balls. I could tell immediately, that he will be a great companion for the family. But I also knew, that Puppy time is an important period, where they learn best. Unfortunately I was not in contact with the owners directly, since this dog was given to me by a dog walking company. I did not find out the commands or matching up any other training methods. It’s a bit of a bummer, as I want the best for the dog and owner, even if I am “just a walker” and not a trainer.

A big change for me happened, when the suggestion was made, that I could bring my little man to meet Murphy! Oh my gosh, I had not thought, that that was even an option. So, the next time, I took Mats with me, they had so much fun together!

From that moment, my first question would be if the dog is kid friendly. If that was the case, I would go and meet the dog first and than decide, if it also seemed safe to me, to introduce them to Mats.

As long as Mats likes to tag along and he likes it better than going to daycare, this is the perfect job. He will go to Kindergarten next year and his interests will most likely also shift and he does not want to hang with his Mom so much. So, I better enjoy this time! 🙂

Thanks Murphy!

Meanwhile I also ran into the owner and we are able to communicate the needs of Murphy a little better!

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