The start of dog walking

Dog walking… everybody can do it. Simple, easy. Or is there more to it and prepare for?

And I learned quickly, yeah, absolutely. My first dog – Lucy, showed me! Small, tiny Lucy. But heck, she was a feisty one. The meet and greet did not go so well. She barked, growled and went shivering into her bed. Her owner tried to convince her, that nothing bad would happen to her. At the end, she did take some treats out of my hand.

The first walk went ok, I thought we got along much better already. I had lots of treats with me and was able to pet her. Probably because it was just me and her. But it never got better, at least not in that week I walked her, while her owner got a knee replacement done. I could not put the leash on her. She snapped and missed my hand by a tiny bit. There was no warning.

Before walking Lucy the first time, I raised my concerns about the leash and since the owner was always home, she put the leash on for me.

This time, we found a solution, but getting bitten is certainly a concern.

Maybe it was a good thing, that it didn’t start off with the easiest dog. I felt the need of preparing myself better and started to watch dog behavior videos on youtube.

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